Onnit Academy

The Onnit Academy in Austin, TX has chosen FastVitaminIV® to partner with to provide the FastVitaminIVs to their members and staff.

We sent our friends at MensHealth a FastVitaminIV®

"Nothing short of astounding. Despite alcohol still likely coursing through my veins, within just 20 minutes after the IV, I felt newfound energy surging through my system, and, within an hour, felt ready to clean my office, work on a book chapter and crush a workout."

Men's Health

The Process

A professional nurse administers a 60-second “push” of FastVitaminIV®. You quickly absorb undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Your toes tingle, you feel a rush in your head, the fog lifts, and clarity comes. You feel awake, you feel alive – and the effect lasts for days! The best part: no waiting 60-90 minutes! You can now rejuvenate your body in 60 seconds or less!

How it works

FastVitaminIV® is perfect for:

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