At Koniver Wellness we help you figure out everything going wrong inside your cells and then create an individual protocol designed specifically to your body to get your cells operating at the highest level of efficiency.

In order to optimize your health and performance, we know that it takes reconciling everything going on outside of you (nutrients, food, toxins, etc) with everything going on inside of you (genetics, thoughts, metabolism, blood flow, etc). We define “optimal health” as continuously adapting our external exposures with our internal environment to create cellular harmony, efficiency and energy.

At Koniver Wellness we drive optimal health and performance by Maximizing the Performance Matrix, a confluence of these

  • Mitochondrial
  • Cannabinoid
  • Hormonal
  • Physical
  • Nutrient
  • Cognitive

This unique system provides for maximizing individual performance leading to optimal health and well-being.

Patients from all over the world come to Koniver Wellness looking for expert advice and guidance on how to maximize their performance, optimize their health and age gracefully without fearing chronic disease.


Vitamin IVs and NAD+ have added a remarkable improvement to my quality of life. As Director of Human Optimization at Onnit I am somewhat of a guinea pig experimenting with the latest supplements and training protocols. With NAD+ I’ve been able to push my body in a number of areas including altitude training at 22k feet elevation, infrared sauna and cryotherapy, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, powerlifting, running, as well as  training with kettle bells and steel maces.

In addition to these stressors I’ve practiced intermittent fasting and other stressors on the body in tandem. NAD+ has allowed me to recover during some of the hardest and most taxing training I’ve ever done while keeping my immune system strong and cognitive function high. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health and take their training to the next level.

-- Kyle Kingsbury, Director of Human Optimization, Onnit

I know and have experienced the benefits of your IVs and it’s only a matter of time before athletes and celebrities all over the world do too. Wherever I am I’m going to “push” your products to whoever will listen. I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t use them.

-- Joe Connolly, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Arizona State Football and Carolina Gamecock Football 2005-2015

Serving as a Navy SEAL for over 17yrs, I suffered over 50+ concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Despite trying a multitude of conventional and integrative therapies, I was still left with a variety of symptoms including headaches, fatigue and difficulty sleeping. It was not until after I started with Dr. Koniver’s IV protocols that I started to get major relief with my symptoms and now actually feel better than I have in a very long time.

-- Pete Scobell, NAVY SEAL

Over the past several years, I have been on a journey with Dr. Koniver to improve my health and wellness. While under his care, we have balanced my hormones using bioidentical replacements and comprehensive, unconventional laboratory tests. In this pursuit of hormonal health, Dr. Koniver has always used my symptoms and intuition to guide treatment, in additional to laboratory results. Without a doubt, my health and my life has improved dramatically since under his care.

-- Mary Watson, PhD

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